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Renovated Properties

Considering Buying a Home? How Does Move-In Ready Sound to You?

If you’re considering buying your first home, why not opt for a Cuyahoga Land Bank move-in ready home? We offer homes for sale that have modern amenities like granite countertops and restored hardwood floors, updated kitchens and baths, and updated major systems, including plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, roofing and foundation. These homes are truly move-in ready, letting you enjoy the comforts of your new home as soon as you purchase it.

Check out the many recently rehabilitated homes available for sale throughout Northeast Ohio.

Renovated Properties

Home Buying Help for Veterans

Our HomeFront Veterans Home Ownership Program (HomeFront) Program is a pilot home ownership programs designed to help Veterans achieve the dream of home ownership through discounted purchase and lease purchase options.

Find out more about the Homefront program.

Community Collaboration

Making a Difference Through Collaboration

The Cuyahoga Land Bank has been involved in dozens of collaborations with social service organizations and non-profits in the region that offer affordable housing, community stabilization, and skilled training opportunities. Our mission is to reduce blight, increase property values, and improve quality of life for county residents through property acquisition, renovation and demolition. One of the ways we accomplish this is by working collaboratively with organizations throughout Cuyahoga County to actively advance their missions and find unique property uses that benefit our community’s most in-need citizens.

By donating property to local organizations and churches, we’ve helped others make a real impact in their communities in a variety of ways. These properties have been renovated by volunteers and utilized as affordable housing for single mothers, homeless veterans, recovery housing, and much more. This is just the beginning of our collaborative efforts, and so much more can be done when we work together!

Find out more about our community collaboration programs.

Cuyahoga Land Bank: Innovative Thought in Action

At the Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation, commonly known as the Cuyahoga Land Bank, we are proud to be the result of innovative thought being put into action and work hard every day to live up to the reputation we have earned as the most progressive entity in the country dedicated to eliminating vacant, blighted properties and returning them to productive use. Learn more about us!

Renovated Homes/Homes Under Renovation


Under Renovation
370 E 255th St

Under Renovation
1363 W 112th St
Cleveland (Ward 15)

Under Renovation
18971 Nitra St
Maple Heights

4839 Farnhurst Rd

Under Renovation
17721 Ingleside Rd
Cleveland (Ward 08)

Under Renovation
3678 Atherstone Rd
Cleveland Heights

3702 Atherstone Rd
Cleveland Heights$124,900
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Land Bank Houses to Renovate


654 E 107th St
Cleveland (Ward 09)
Renovation Work Required $12,000

709 E 118th St
Cleveland (Ward 09)
Renovation Work Required $4,500

13613 Coath Ave
Cleveland (Ward 02)
Renovation Work Required $9,500

4309 E 72nd St
Cleveland (Ward 12)
Renovation Work Required $6,000

6827 Krakow Ave
Cleveland (Ward 12)
Renovation Work Required $15,000

3142 W 40th St
Cleveland (Ward 14)
Renovation Work Required $6,500

13713 North Dr
Garfield Heights
Renovation Work Required $22,000
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