Our Principles

The Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation, also known as the Cuyahoga Land Bank, is a non-profit corporation. It works to advance the community’s broad policy goals, within the prescribed perimeters of SB 353 - the State statute that allows for its existence. These goals include the revitalization of neighborhoods, the promotion of economic growth, and the creation of job and workforce development opportunities.

The Cuyahoga Land Bank is committed to healthy, sustainable community redevelopment within Cuyahoga County. The Land Bank exhibits this ongoing commitment through efforts such as strategic blight clearance, deconstruction, the appropriate and innovative re-use of vacant land, and the use of energy efficient, green rehabilitation and new construction standards.

As a non-profit, government-purposed corporation, the Land Bank is empowered to help local governments foster effective land re-use. Put simply, the Land Bank has many of the same powers as a traditional government land bank so it can be extremely effective, but it is not hindered by as many of the traditional bureaucratic impediments. The net result of the structure is that it not only will be effective, but also efficient and strategic.

The process of converting land to productive re-use is labor intensive and difficult in areas where there are distressed markets. But, such efforts may lead to job opportunities. Therefore, as part of its central focus, whenever feasible, the Land Bank looks to expand and create in-field job opportunities for those who need work, mindful of the many who may have some barriers to employment.

Through maximum collaboration with local governments, the Land Bank is positioned to promote and lift the profile of individual community priorities. This ability to cut through political boundaries promotes regionalism and helps the collective community leverage and focus its precious resources on this important land re-use challenge rather than diluting them by spreading them too thin.

The state statute that created the Land Bank also established its board as separate and distinct in order to promote mission focus, purpose and independence. That board consists of nine members: the Cuyahoga County Executive (or designee), the Cuyahoga County Treasurer (or designee), a County Council appointment, two representatives from the largest city (Cleveland), and the remaining members selected unanimously by the County Executive, the County Treasurer and the County Council representative.

The Cuyahoga Land Bank is an open and transparent organization. Its quarterly meetings are open to the public and its meeting agendas, resolutions, mission, organizational documents and list of properties are a matter of public record. The Land Bank adheres to a board-adopted ethics policy and files an annual report and audit with the State.

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